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Morning Announcements





February 13


Today is Viking Pride day and all students wearing spirit wear or blue and white should receive 2 Valhalla dollars.


Patients with cancer have all different types of squad members all around them.  Are you part of the Hero Squad yet? If you have donated to Pennies for Patients or raised money online, then you are part of this amazing team of ordinary people who can come together to do extraordinary things.  Because today is the last day we have school this week, Builders Club students will be coming by to collect and count this week's donations. We can't wait to see what you have accomplished this week! Teachers, please collect today's Pennies for Patients donations, and be ready to hand your bag full of change to your Builders Club rep for counting!


Mr. Dingman would like to thank the over 100 students who came to the drama club auditions to try out for a part in our spring production of "The Hallmarks of Horror " or to sign up for technical backstage work. ALL students who auditioned for an acting part should check the call-back list which is posted outside room E-12, and if your name is on that list, you need to attend call-back auditions TODAY, Thursday, 3:00-5:00 in the MPR.  If you auditioned for an acting part and your name is on the callback list, but you cannot or do not attend callbacks, you need to speak to Mr. Dingman or you may be dropped from consideration for an acting role in our production, Students who signed up for backstage tech crew do NOT need to attend callbacks, but please come to the first technical theatre meeting next week, on Wednesday, 3-4:30 pm in the MPR

See Mr. Dingman in room E-12 for further information or any drama-related questions.


No School Tomorrow - Happy Valentines Day


Jamba Juice next Wednesday after school at the doors to the MPR. Only $5 for your favorite flavor, razzmatazz, mango, strawberry banana.


There is NO FOOD is to be brought down to the field. The only thing that can be brought to the field is water. 


The student store will be open after announcements for buildings IA, M, and C. 

Rotation Today is     3 5 6 4 1 2 




6th & 7th Grade LUNCH
Movie Club   C21
Chess, Checkers & Rubix Cube   B14 


8th Grade LUNCH

Movie Club   A1



Strategy Gaming Club D21 

Mock Trial B24






February 12


Welcome to another Pennies for Patients announcement with informative and exciting information about money!  Did you know the number 13 is represented on the dollar bill several times? It's in the 13 arrows, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 stars, and the 13 stripes on the shield.  That doesn't mean that dollars are unlucky - it stands for the original 13 colonies! Last year, students across the country raised over 26 million dollars in Pennies for Patients campaigns all over America!  But The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Pennies for Patients is about more than just pennies (or dollars) - It's about finding a cure! Thanks to schools like ours, LLS is supporting lifesaving research and making cures happen!  Thanks for being such an awesome hero squad! And, Teachers, if you haven't already, please collect today's pennies for Patients donations from your HR students.


Congrats to our Volleyball teams displaying amazing sportsmanship and effort once again in our games against Sinaloa! All Boy’s teams and the Girl’s 6th-grade team took home the win!

Join us again today and tomorrow against Hillside! Go Vikings!!!


Buzz! Buzz! Shayna Salerno is perpetually amazing! Shayna spelled the word "perpetual" correctly to win our 2020 spelling bee!  Shayna will be representing our school at the Ventura County bee. Our Bee Coordinator Mr. Adler sends his deepest appreciation to our judge Mr. Dingman, to Mr. Westenskow and Mr. Oscar for setting up our MPR, to Mrs. Damiani and Mrs. Kotake for decorating our stage, to Mrs. McCraw, Mr. Hall, and Mrs. Peters for all their help with announcements over the past few weeks, to all English teachers for running their class bees, and to our amazing students for taking part in the greatest American academic tradition - the National Spelling Bee!


Administrative detention will be in room C12  after school today from 2:40 - 3:40. If you want to receive credit for serving detention you must be on time and serve the entire hour!


The student store will be open after announcements for buildings B and E


REMINDER: Students are not to be wearing hoods while at school, the only exception is EXTREME cold or if it is RAINING. Other than that students are expected to keep their hoods off their head, school consequences will be assigned.


Rotation today is  5 6 1 4 2 3 




6th  & 7th Grade LUNCH 

K-Pop Rainbow Music Lunch  E12  you don't need to be a student of Mr. Dingman, newcomers are ALWAYS welcome, and it's super easy to pick up a pass at E-12 and bring their lunch to my room-- every single Wednesday! It features music from around the world, including kpop-- but other styles of music as well.


8th Grade LUNCH 


After School
Dungeons & Dragons   A8 canceled today  
Anime Club IA 1-2

Running Club C11 

FNL Meeting D15  3 pm - 4:45 pm





February 11


Good morning from Builders Club - bringing you today's Pennies for Patients random factoid.  Did you know that U.S. paper money isn't made out of paper? It's actually cloth! In Ben Franklin's day, people repaired torn dollar bills with a needle and thread!  Do you know what denomination Ben Franklin's picture is on? (pause for dramatic effect...) He's on the $100 bill. One Hundred Dollars (like the amount brought in last week by one of Mrs. Suffolk's amazing students) in donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society helps to fund the First Connection Program, a peer-to-peer program that matches newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families with trained volunteers.  Way to go Valley View Heros for making that happen! Ok homeroom teachers - it's time to collect today's donations for Pennies for Patients!


Don’t' miss your last chance for open auditions for the spring play! We need actors and backstage tech crew from all grades for our production of: The Hallmarks of Horror (A Comedy)"  Open auditions TODAY from 3 to 5 in the MPR, no experience or preparation is needed. 

Actor callback auditions will be held on Thursday. Please attend IF your name is on the callback list which will be posted outside room E-12 on Wednesday.

See Mr. Dingman in room E-12 or any drama club officer with any drama-related questions. See you at auditions!



No other school guarantees to get every Viking in the yearbook at least 3x, but Valley View does! February 28, 2020, is the deadline to personalize your yearbook cover with your name engraved on it for only $6. You can add your favorite emoji for just $4 per emoji. Here’s what you need to know 1. If you already paid for a yearbook, you can pay $6 and turn in your completed order form into the main office 2. If you have not purchased a yearbook or personalization, you can buy one online or in the main office  3. The deadline to engrave your name on the cover is February 28, 2020. 4. The form is attached to this email, in the main office, or available to print off Valley View's website.


Jamba Juice will be here Wednesday after school - get your favorite flavor Razzmatazz, Mango, or Strawberry/Banana for just $5.


Student store will be open for buildings A and D after announcements


Rotation Today is     6 1 2 4 3 5     



Builder’s Club is meeting right after announcements in room C24 


6th & 7th Grade LUNCH

Lego Club  C12 

Movie Club C21


8th Grade LUNCH

Dodgeball in the Gym eat your lunch first and then head to the gym  



Quiz Bowl IA5







February 10


Volleyball is here ar Valley View this week. Today the Girls teams take on Sinaloa. Games start at 3:30 come down to the gym and cheer our teams on!


Builders Club is excited to give you an update on our Pennies for Patients Program!  Mrs. Suffolk's homeroom is off to a very exciting start - they raised over $200 last week.  Mrs. Yant's homeroom is also right up there, thanks largely to the online fundraising efforts of ONE STUDENT!  Yes, one student CAN make a difference! Way to go! Overall, last week, VVMS students raised over $800 to help cure cancer, and this week we want to raise even more!  I hope you brought in all the coins and dollars you collected over the weekend. Teachers, please take this time to collect any Pennies for Patients donations that your students brought in today!




Backpacks may not be left lying around campus, they are not to be brought to PE class or lunch  - they are to be stored in your lockers.

Today’s Rotation 1 2 3 4 5 6



6th & 7th Grade LUNCH


8th Grade LUNCH




T.E.C. E15







February 14