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Homework is assigned as needed. When nothing is assigned, students should be STUDYING!!!

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Jane Troy

MST Project for Students in Periods 1, 2, 4, 5 Due December 5th

7th grade MST 

 Semester 1 project 

 English, Science, and Social Studies  


DUE : Thursday Dec. 5th 


Students and Parents -  


Your assignment:  Create a Google Slide presentation of a Medical invention or advancement from Medieval TImes .

Requirements - 

  1. You need to choose a medical invention or advancement from the Medieval Time period. 

  2. Have a visual of the original  invention and a visual what it looks like  now.

  3. Write and show picture of who is credited for the original medical invention/advancement and who was credited as improvements were made (if available).

  4.  Explain how the medical invention/advancement came to be and how it was used. Explain how it has improved over time or why it is no longer used.

  5. Explain what impact the medical invention/advancement has had  in our life or humanity.

  6. Include resources used with correct citation. (English teacher). 


Each teacher (science, english, history) will give instruct and support to complete this project.  It is your responsibility to ask for help well in advance of the due date.


Test for Lessons 4 and 5 Nov 7th

Unit one  Lessons 4 and5 Taken on Chromebooks

Study Guide Due Fri. Nov 1 Lesson 4 and 5

This CAN NOT be turned in late.  All completed for 100% score

or not completed for 0% score. 

I will hold to this policy

Points of Knowledge Projects are - 5, 10, 20 and 50 points - Total 85

Students select one activity from each set of points. 

The purpose is to show what they have learned. 

Expectation is neat, colored and best effort on all projects. 

Students are reminded regularly the Study guide will NOT be accepted after the due date!


Remember to Study whenever you get new material or begin a new chapter!

Review the notes given in class on ways to study.




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Classroom supplies


Agenda Book

Notebook paper for notes

Notebook (binder) for history papers

single subject notebook for  Warm ups

blue or black pens

RED pen or pencil


crayons or colored pencils

AR book

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