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Management Plans

8th Grade Math

Daily Requested Supplies for class.

  • Agenda Book
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Sharpened pencils and eraser
  • Correcting pen
  • Calculator with a sign change key and square root key

Online Textbook

Online Textbook: You will need your google login information

Username: first initial . last name  ID Number

  1. Log into Google
  2. Go to the search and type in clever or type the following into the browser:
  4. Choose Big Ideas Math

Summer Dahl


       Love-Math-257x300.png           math clock.jpg

EVERYONE ~IS~ a Math Person!!

This text will be replaced

Summer Dahl Locker

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Google Classroom!

Check out the videos I've found for you in your Google Classroom.

Opportunity Time

Need additional help?

Have a question that didn't get answered?

Were you assigned a consequence? 


Opportunity Time is here for you DAILY!


2:35-2:50 pm DAILY 

  • Come see me!
  • Say Hi!
  • Ask Questions!
  • Continue your assigned practice (AKA Homework)!




Go to class.  When you are absent, make up your work immediately.


Ask questions and listen when others ask questions.  This is VERY important.


Review regularly.  10-20 minutes a day, before a quiz & test.


Review your notes before beginning your homework.


Show ALL of your work and check your work.  Developing good habits during practice will help you during tests and quizzes.


Practice, practice, practice.  This is the most important part. Rework homework problems and rework problems from your notes.  Cover the answers and quiz yourself.

Make a list of important concepts and formulas.   Explain the concepts in your own words, and review the list so that you can memorize what’s really important.

Homework Policy & Philosophy

*Homework practice is based on CONTENT, not day of the week, thus assigned as needed and sometimes on Friday.

*There are approximately 5-25 problems assigned and selected based on necessary skills to support the student's learning. 



  • To provide independent practice and review of what was previously taught
  • To strengthen understanding of the new concept
  • To extend learning beyond the classroom


Types of Homework Assigned:

  • Practice; help students master skills taught in class
  • Preparation; help students benefit from subsequent lessons
  • Extension: requires students to use a new skill in combination with other known concepts
  • Creative; requires students to integrate many skills and concepts




Please Note: Students who have a "D" average in homework have earned an "N" in effort. Students who have an "F" in homework have earned a "U" in effort.




Mathematicians use notebooks to record data, make drawings, ask questions, and much more.


Your notebook is a mathematical tool that will represent you and your experiences in mathematics this school year.  Your math notebook will be used daily, so be responsible and make sure that you bring it to class every single day. If you are absent, make sure you complete any pages in the notebook you missed.


Rules: Reason:

1.) Write neatly and legibly

To be able to go back and read past examples and activities.

2.) Create a cover page for each Chapter (include name and per. #)

It’s your notebook, make it yours!

3.) Number the pages


4.)Title and Date each page


5.) Copy everything Mrs. Dahl writes

Mrs. Dahl would not write anything that is not valuable to your learning.

6.) Use color for your notes, but do all math work in pencil.

Colors are great, but using pencil for all work lets you erase any mistakes.

Donations Please!

The following items are welcome at any time during the school year and greatly appreciated.

  • Tissues, tissues, tissues (really need these!)
  • Highlighters (multi color)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Dry Erase Markers (all colors)
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Baby wipes

Thank you for your donations!!


Contact Information