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Nicole Ludwig Locker

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Nicole Ludwig Locker

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Nicole Ludwig

8th Grade Classroom Management Plan

Valley View Middle School

“Our View is 2020: Focus on What Matters”


COURSE TITLE:  8th Grade Science

TEACHER’S NAME and ROOM:  Ms. Ludwig, room A-10

SCHOOL PHONE NUMBER: 805-520-6820 

TEACHER’S E-MAIL: Phone Ext.   1342__

** Email is the best way to contact me should you ever have any questions**

  1. Course Standards/Objectives

This 8th grade science course is designed to present students with knowledge in the areas of:


  • Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

  • Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

  • Energy

  • Earth’s Place in the Universe

  • Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

  • Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

  • Earth and Human Activity

  • Engineering Design


 There will be an emphasis on critical thinking, reading and writing scientific documents, and applications to the real world as per the Common Core Standards. Further, this science class will be using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to guide curriculum and instruction.


  1. Textbooks/ Materials to Be Used

1. Basic Supplies- Students will need a black or blue pen, a red pen, a highlighter, a #2 pencil, a basic set of colored pencils or washable markers, a basic function calculator and their Science textbook and science composition notebook in class EVERYDAY. 

2. Agenda Books- It is important that students bring their agenda books everyday.  It is the student’s responsibility to always write down the assignments. The weekly agenda will be displayed at the beginning of each week and posted on the class website.

4. Notebooks- Each student needs to keep an organized notebook (include a section for science).  A 3-ringed binder with dividers and pockets is a strong recommendation. Students will also need a supply of lined paper in their 3 ring binder. In addition, every student needs a separate composition notebook specifically for science class. 


  1. Classroom Rules and Policies

Valley View students are expected to demonstrate positive and respectful behaviors in class and on our campus.  We expect all students to adhere to the guidelines as outlined in our Agenda Book and on our website.   The standards for Citizenship grades are outlined in both documents.   

In this classroom student should: 

1. Be on Time and Prepared to Work: Bring ALL materials to class everyday and be working when the bell rings to be considered on time. 

2. Be Seated: Remain seated throughout the entire class period unless otherwise directed. 

3. Be Responsible: Turn in your assignments on time and completed neatly. Keep track of papers handed out to you and take responsibility for your mistakes.

4. Be Respectful: Raise your hand and wait to be called on in order to speak. Speak respectfully to EVERYONE. Teasing, name calling, or other rude behavior is NOT acceptable behavior. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Leave the property of others alone. 

5. Be Honest: Honesty is essential. Plagiarizing, lying, cheating, or blaming others for your mistake is being dishonest. Plagiarism is passing someone else’s work off as your own even if you have that person’s permission. Plagiarized work will not be accepted and CANNOT be made up. BOTH THE LENDER AND THE COPIER WILL EARN NO CREDIT FOR DISHONEST WORK. 


Homework Policy


Students should have 20 – 30 minutes of homework for this class when assigned. Homework is normally due 1-2 days after it is assigned unless another date has been specified. If a student asks, I am happy to sign their agenda book to verify the homework has been written down correctly. Projects will be assigned with ample notice and given due dates accordingly. Homework is also posted on google classroom and the REMIND app. . This class will also be using “google classroom” for a considerable amount of the class and homework. If a student does not have access to google classroom at home then they will need to see me for a paper copy of the assignment. ***If you would also like to have access to google classroom, please email me and I will give you the code. 


Rewards and Consequences


“Vahalla Dollars,” verbal praise and positive email or phone call home to parents will be given to those students who are behaving in a positive manner. I also use a ticket/raffle system where 2 students each class earn an academic and citizenship ticket. 


Students who choose not to follow the class rules will normally receive Opportunity Time of 15 minutes. More time is added for repeat offenses. Opportunity Time longer than 15 minutes requires a parent notification which will be sent home with the student at least one day before the detention. Failure to appear at detentions will result in a doubling of the time or a referral to the office. If the offense is a serious violation or if the behavior persists, the student will be referred to the administration. Consequences are counted on a daily basis. Detentions must be served after school unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. 


  1. Student Responsibilities 


 Students are responsible for good behavior, completing all work on time, participating in class, being respectful, obtaining absent work, checking Aeries (see below) for grades, and keeping track of homework assignments in their agenda book.


  1. Grading Policy


The student’s degree of mastery of the Next Generation Science Standards is the critical element in determining the letter grade in this class.  Your student will demonstrate mastery in this class by accumulating points for the following: class work, homework, projects will account for 50% of the grade combined; performance assessments, and tests will account for the remaining 50%.

A – 90%-100%

B – 80%- 89.9%

C – 73%- 79.9%

D – 68%- 72.9%

F – Below 67.9%


Late Work-  Late work can be turned in for 10% point deduction each day it is missed. after the 5th school day, late work will be accepted for 50% credit .


  1. Tardy and Absence Policies


*School Tardy Policy: Tardies are unacceptable.  Those students who are responsible and respectful earn good citizenship grades.  Four (4) tardies to class will affect the citizenship grade for the quarter “N” (Needs to Improve).  Six (6) tardies to class will result in a “U” (unsatisfactory grade) in citizenship.


Classroom Absence Policy:


  • Students are responsible for finding out what assignments they missed while they were absent by communicating with the teacher. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is given then the number of days  the student was absent will be added to the date the assignment is due. Tests that are missed are usually taken on the day the student returns to school unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher. If a student is absent on the day of a lab he/she will be expected to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the lab. In some cases a student may be required to complete an alternate assignment to make up the points and the content of the lab that was missed.


  1. Additional Information about This Class  

This class uses AERIES, app and GOOGLE CLASSROOM to communicate with parents and students.  Grades are regularly updated and posted online for the convenience of parents and students. The activation of your AERIES account will be provided. The remind app code will be sent home where both students AND parents can access reminders (due dates, assessment dates, etc) and also provides a quick way to send messages and ask questions.  


I look forward to working with you this year. It will be a great one! 




Nicole Ludwig, M.Ed

Science Teacher 

Valley View Middle School



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