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Brandye Crumrine Locker

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Recommended Materials

Recommended Materials:  The following list is a suggestion of what students might find useful in class.  If students are not able to obtain any supplies for this class, they will be provided by the teacher upon student request

  • Agenda Book, 3-ring binder or sturdy folder
  • Lined notebook paper, college-ruled
  • Accelerated Reader book (check
  • Pencils, blue or black AND red pens 
  • Index cards or Flashcard app
  • Composition book
  • ear buds 
  • Pink, yellow, & green highlighters (for grade 7 writing program) 



Late Passes

Students will receive one late pass per quarter.  The late pass will allow a student to turn in a missing assignment at any point until the end of the quarter for full credit. Late passes will only be accepted during the quarter in which they are distributed. 

Brandye Crumrine

Online Textbook 


To Find Homework Assignments

Click on the link for your class on the left side of this page 

Google Classroom Code for Registration

Stay Tuned for Google Classroom Codes for the 2018-2019 School Year!

CA Department of Education Recommended Reading List

Use the following link to search the California Department of Education reading list.



2018-2019 AR Due Dates

Quarter 1: October 17th 

Quarter 2: December 17th 

Quarter 3: March 13th 

Quarter 4: May 24th 

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Student Responsibilities

Valley View students are expected to demonstrate positive and respectful behaviors in class and on our campus.  We expect all students to adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Valley View Agenda Book.

Classroom Expectations:

1.    Listen and follow directions the first time

2.    Enter and exit prepared

3.    Always try your best

4.    Respect others, self, and property

    5.    No excuses

If You Choose to Break a Rule...

First Time: Verbal warning

Second Time: Receive an “off-task” toward citizenship or effort grade

Third Time: Detention/ Teacher Consequence

Fourth Time: Phone Call/ Email Home

Fifth Time: Referral written, student sent to office

Student Responsibilities

1.  Students are expected to follow all classroom rules and procedures

2. Student work is expected to be neat, complete, and on-time  (a significant point deduction will result if these three requirements are not met)

3. Student work is expected to have the appropriate English Heading:

Name (First & Last)

Subject/ Period


4. To ensure student success, students are expected to bring all necessary materials to class everyday!

 School Tardy Policy

Being tardy is unacceptable.  Those who are responsible and respectful earn good citizenship.  Being tardy twice to class will negatively affect the citizenship grade for the quarter.  After the fifth time tardy, students will receive a "U" (unsatisfactory) grade in Citizenship. See Valley View Middle School’s Tardy Policy in the Agenda book.

Absent Policy

The number of days a student misses class equals the number of days they may complete the assignments they missed.  Students may always make up work that they have missed as a result of an absence for full credit. It is a student's responsibility to obtain the information they have missed as a result of an absence, check the absent work folders, complete any assignments they have missed (tests, class-work and homework), and to copy down their agenda for any missed days.  Students must make an appointment to make-up any missed tests after school or during homeroom any day of the week (up to one week after you return).


Plagiarizing, lying, and cheating are unacceptable. Plagiarizing is passing someone else’s work off as your own. This includes copying, even if the other person gives you permission.

Plagiarizing will not be tolerated or accepted. Lenders and copiers will receive no credit for dishonest work.

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On Facebook: Follow Valley View in the public group Valley View Middle School

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Class Donations Accepted All Year

The following are supplies used in the classroom year round, and any donation is greatly appreciated:

1. Boxes of Tissue!!!!!

2. 3 ring binders for students: 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch

3. Printer paper or construction paper

4. Green, Yellow, and Pink Highlighters

5. Composition books

6. Colored pencils/ crayons/ washable markers 

7. Pencils, Pens (Blue, Black, and Red)

8. Used/ unwanted AR books for classroom library 

9. Index Cards 

10. Page protectors (clear, plastic) 


About Mrs. Crumrine

Brandye Crumrine was born and raised in Southern California. She resides here in Simi Valley with her husband and four children. 

Mrs. Crumrine holds the following degrees:

  • BA in English, California Lutheran University, 2000
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential, California Lutheran University, 2001
  • MA in Education, Teaching, California Lutheran University, 2003

She also is certified in the following:

  • English Teaching (grades 6-12)
  • Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development
  • Gifted and Talented Education

She is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • National Council of Teachers of English

Mrs. Crumrine has been teaching at Valley View Middle School since 2001.  In addition to teaching English, Mrs. Crumrine serves as the English Department Chair.

Using Technology & Portable Devices for Educational Purposes

Technology will be permitted in the classroom and used by teacher direction only, for things such as reading for AR, researching, or studying stems.  Devices will only be used for relevant, classroom activities.  Students using devices inappropriately will lose the opportunity to use their electronic devices in class. Please see the following information provided to students the first week of school:


  • Parents are expected to agree to the Portable Device Guidelines on AERIES
  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks may be used to connect to the internet for relevant classroom activities, like STEMS, research, or finding an AR book
  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks may be used to read for AR or memorize stems


  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks will not be used to text, email, or photograph for personal and/or social reasons during class
  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks will be used responsibly
  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks will be used at times and for purposes directed by the teacher
  • Phones/E-readers/Chromebooks must be placed flat on your desk and not held in an upright position


  • 1st offense= warning
  • 2nd offense= teacher turns student device securely into the main office & parent must pick up the phone from school
  • 3rd offense= student is no longer allowed to use any mobile device in class