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Tardy Policy to be Strictly Enforced

Tardy #1: Warning

Tardy #2: Warning

Tardy #3: Parent Contact and Teacher consequence

Tardy #4: Referral to Assistant Principal and "N" in citizenship

Tardy #5: Referral to Assistant Principal

Tardy #6: Referral to Assistant Principal and "U" in citizenship

Items to Keep in your PE Locker

PE Uniform


Sweatpants (blue,gray,black)


Extra pair of shoes

Extra pair of socks


Hair bands

Feminine hygiene products

Perfume/Cologne/Body spray (plastic bottle only)

Plastic Mirror



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Physical Education Department


physical education



Absent Make-Up for Physical Education

Absent Make-up On Medical Excuse


  1. If excused from Physical Education, the student must submit a note from their parent or doctor to their teacher. If a student is to be excused for more than three days a doctor's note is required.

  2. For three or more excused days, the student will take their doctor's note to the nurse before coming to class. The student will be required to dress if injury will allow. If injury does not allow the student to dress, then written assignments will be implemented to maintain their grade.

  3. If a student misses a run because they had a note or were absent then they need to make up the run. The run needs to be made up on campus with the student's teacher before the end of the quarter. The teacher and student can discuss when the run will be made up.

How to open your combination lock

Combination lock instructional video