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Mrs. White visiting Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, Illinois
Recommended Materials

The following items are recommended:

  • Dedicated Learning Space
  • Chromebook
  • Agenda Book 

Mrs. White

Tips for Success


1. Be an active learner. Ask questions and participate in the lessons!

2. Check the agenda the first day of each school week for homework, upcoming due dates and test reminders. 

3. Complete work on time to keep up with the lessons.

3. Be responsible when you are absent, check Google Classroom and turn in your absent work.

4. Late work turned in up to one day late is accepted with 10% deduction after that is half credit. 

8. Check Google Classroom and Aeries regularly.  

9. Ask when you need help.

10. Communicate with me. I’m here to do everything I can to help you.


Class Donations are Needed & Appreciated

The following items are needed throughout the entire school year for classroom use by the students:

  • adult sized scissors
  • pencils
  • lined paper
  • BLACK markers
  • highlighters
  • stickers
  • markers
  • hand sanitizer
Classroom Management Plan