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2019-2020 Management Plans

Textbooks & Materials 

A. Provided textbook

     1. California Collections (please cover) 

     2. Performance Task

     3. Close Reader  

B. Materials must be brought to class   everyday: 

1. Agenda book 

2. 3-ring binder 

3. College ruled notebook  

4. Accelerated Reader book

5. Pencils 

6. Blue/black AND red pens 

7. Single subject notebook 

8. Pink, yellow, AND green highlighters for writing 

10. Colored pencils

Laura Sena

Meet Mrs. Sena!

My name is Mrs. Laura Sena. This year is my fourth year at Valley View Middle School.  I was  born and raised in Simi Valley.  I just got married to my wonderful husband this summer.  I graduated from California Lutheran University in 2011 where I continued and received my credential.  Teaching has been my passion since I was very young.  On my free time, I enjoy playing softball, traveling all over the world, and catching up with friends and family. My favorite sports teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Los Angeles Kings! #GKG


Current Assignments
Current Assignments
Ten Tips for Success

Top 10 Tips for Success for Parents & Students: 

1. Write in your agenda book everyday. Parents check it daily. 

2. Visit Google Classroom for assignments frequently 

3. Review the make up work policy when you are absent. Failure to make up absent work on time is the #1 reason for a drop in grades 

4. There is NO extra credit work in my class 

5. I accept all late/missing work for reduced credit as long as it is done correctly & completely & turned in within 1 week of the due date. 

6. If you have any questions or need any help/tutoring, students can stop by my room during homeroom, and parents can email me. 

7. Following the daily routine in class everyday will ensure a successful year for students in English. 

8. Make sure the student attends school on time and on a regular basis 

9. Make sure the student is reading an A.R. book at his/her reading level. 

10. I will gladly accept donations of prizes (individually wrapped candy, knick knacks, etc.), rolls of unused raffle tickets, tissue, & any school supplies.